DCYO Policies



  1. Musicians should be in their seats (with instruments, music, and pencils) ready to play at 6:50 pm. Use this time to warm up and tune your instrument.
  2. You must bring your own music stand to all rehearsals.
  3. You are expected to practice your music before coming to rehearsal.
  4. Anyone arriving after rehearsal begins will be seated at the bottom of their section until the break. Excessive lateness may lead to disciplinary actions.
  5. Any musician needing to set up extra equipment (percussion, harp, doubling woodwinds) should arrive earlier to allow extra time.
  6. All musicians are expected to be focused on the music and conductor, and to refrain from any behavior that interferes with a productive rehearsal. (Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off during rehearsal.)
  7. No gum chewing during rehearsal.
  8. No cell phone use during rehearsals.

Attendance Policy:

  1. Attendance is mandatory at all three Dress Rehearsals and Concert Performances. Failure to perform in a concert may result in dismissal from the orchestra. Exceptions to this policy will only be approved by the Music Director in rare instances, and only at the beginning of the year.
  1. Students are allowed no more than two absences per concert preparation period – absences above this limit may result in suspension for that concert at the discretion of the conductor. To report an absence, students should please contact Lenora Hume at dcyoattendance@dcyo.org before rehearsal. Please inform us of your own absence only, not that of classmates. Excessive absences may result in loss of seating or dismissal from DCYO; either of these decisions would be made by Mr. Andrew Hauze, Conductor and Music Director.
  1. Attendance is required at both the Camp Tockwogh Retreat in September and the Winter Retreat in January. Requests for exceptions must be made well in advance of the event and be approved by the Music Director.
  1. A NOTE TO PARENTS: We respectfully request that students be dropped off no earlier than 6:30 pm and picked up promptly at the conclusion of rehearsal at 9:15 pm. Two board members, who are volunteers, are required to remain on the premises until all students have been picked up.

Rehearsal Cancellations: In the event of a last-minute cancellation of rehearsal due to inclement weather or other emergency, you will be notified by e-mail from the Music Director. This information will also be posted on the DCYO home page.

DCYO does not follow the school-closing decisions made by local school districts because we start so much later in the day than school districts do. In the event of inclement weather, a decision about cancelling rehearsal will be made at 3:00 pm. That decision will then be communicated on the home page of our web site and also through a group e-mail. We will not make an announcement until that time. Our primary interest is the safety of our students and families, and we will always endeavor to make the wisest decision possible with the information that we have available.

Seating: Seating, part rotation, and solo assignments are solely at the discretion of the Music Director. These may change at any time during the semester.

Music and Folder: You must return your folder and music by leaving them on your stand after the last concert of the year. You will be charged for the loss or mutilation of the folders or music. Questions regarding music should be directed to Charles Zerweck at czerweck@dcyo.org.

Concert Dress Requirements:

DCYO recognizes our students’ right to self-identify gender. Students for whom the options below are not appropriate should make alternative arrangements with Lauren McKinney, Executive Director, at director@dcyo.org.

GIRLS: Solid black, ankle-length dress or solid black blouse and solid black ankle-length skirt, or solid black dress pants (no jeans or leggings). Sleeves must cover the elbow (at least ¾ length). Black dress shoes. No sleeveless or short-sleeved blouses; no flip flops; no boots; no colorful hair ribbons or glittery jewelry.

BOYS: Black suit or tux; white long-sleeved shirt; black long tie; black dress shoes; black socks.

On concert days, students should arrive in concert dress, ready for photographs.