YMO Fall Rehearsal Plan 2020-2021

Repertoire: (at minimum)

Sibelius: Andante Festivo for strings and timpani

Saint-Saens: Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah, arranged by Merle J. Isaac

Stravinsky: Berceuse and Finale from Firebird, arranged by Merle J. Isaac

Rationale: YMO students benefit from repeated practice sessions and chances to grow muscle memory. Guided instruction is crucial at this developing stage for student musicians. One advantage of this online plan is that students will engage more deeply in the meaning, history, and contextual placement of this repertoire than they can in brick-and-mortar instruction. YMO’s fall aim is to give students the change to engage their musical sensibilities in addition to learning notes and rhythms.

Technology: Zoom and educator SmartMusic account (both already procured)

Synchronous Zoom note- students play with one modeled teacher sound, either teacher-created or using SmartMusic/other, while muted. Teacher will ask students to demonstrate sounds when appropriate.

Synchronous live and streamed Zoom and Google Classroom rehearsals

A and B Week alternating schedule:

A Week: Thursday 6:45pm-8:15pm

  • Full orchestra zoom rehearsal
  • Full orchestra musicology lesson
  • Full orchestra 10 minute social activity or stretch break

B Week: Thursday 6:45pm-8:15pm

  • Synchronous sectional rehearsals 
    • 6:45pm-7:10pm Session 1
    • 7:10pm-7:45pm Session 2
    • 7:50pm-8:15pm Session 3
  • Asynchronous video lessons on demand during all three sessions
  • Students attend sectional rehearsal during the assigned session.
  • Students video video lessons during unassigned sessions.

Special: Sectionals with multiple coaches

  • Students use A Week schedule with coaches in Zoom breakout rooms.
  • Coached sectionals should occur at least once in Fall semester.

Spring 2021 Potential Goal #1:

A Week: Continue full-orchestra rehearsals via Zoom.

B Week: Begin in-person half Orchestra rehearsals 6:45pm-8:15pm.

Concert with live audience or see Goal #3.

Spring 2021 Potential Goal #2

Return to full Orchestra in-person rehearsals.

Concert with live audience or see Goal #3

Spring 2021 Potential Goal #3:

Online rehearsals as in Fall 2020

Concert: “Made-for-TV” performance

  • Full or half Orchestra gathers outdoors (in late Spring) or in large indoor space to perform repertoire. (half orchestra would mean we use show video from both halves but may have to use audio from one at a time).
  • Students gather for dress rehearsal or rehearsals.
  • One or more cameras video the performance without an audience.
  • Video presented to families streamed for limited time or stored in a password protected site.
    • May require mechanical rights.
    • Mechanical rights may be waived for educational events in COVID-19
  • Financial investment: Consider hiring local high school students to film and/or edit video. This can happen in lieu of Spring sectionals if needed.

YMO Brass flashin some style at rehearsal on October 19, 2017