Returning YMO Students


All current YMO students are automatically considered a returning member of YMO for next season.  However, Mr. Pignataro requires re-auditions to see how much each student has progressed since last year and to assign parts and seating.  Re-auditions are mandatory. This year all re-auditions will be via online video uploads. Click here to view re-audition requirements and submit video by May 31st.

In the days following re-auditions, each student will receive an invitation to register for next year’s season, together with a link to next year’s schedule.

  • Play in one continuous video: 
    • About 3 minutes of a solo highlighting your skills
    • Scales – Violin: D major, Viola+Cello: G major, Bass: A major; All woodwinds, brass, and mallet percussion: A major
      • Play as many octaves as you can
      • Play any speed, articulation, and/or bowing
    • NO SIGHT-READING for returning YMO students
  • The purpose of re-auditions is to assign parts and seating.  All current students who are not graduating are automatically considered a returning member for next year.
  • If you are not planning to return to YMO next year, please notify us so that we may open up your spot to another applicant.


Please contact Alison Manaker at for questions or additional information about YMO re-auditions.