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March 31, 2018 through April 1, 2019

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Hans and Traci Frederick

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Ann Byun and Stephen Kanes

Frank Borchert III and Momoko Kishimoto

Robert and Claire McLear


Young and Stacey Chong

John and Lori Chung

Arjunan Ganesh

Eric and Lenora Hume

David and Jane Kim

Jae Woo Kim and Yoon Jae Sung

Tom and Phuong Lee

The Manaker Family

Glenn and Angela Phillips

Eric and Catherine Rosenberg

Gilda Schwalb

John Tobias and Rebecca Wells


Richard and Mindyjane Berman

Edward Chan and Shobana Sood In Honor of Andrew Hauze

Charles King

Lisa and Gie Liem

Andrea Liu and Doug Durian

Kathleen Michael

Jason and Jennifer Moore

Valerie Moth

Jim and Leslie Samaha

Barbara and Arnold Ostroff

Jerry and Jill Russin

Kar-Loi Wong


Wenping Bo and Xiaoping Ruan

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Diane Sigmund

John Swartzentruber and Lauren McKinney

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Julia and Guy Welbon In Honor of Andrew Hauze

Joshua Yoo

Charles Zerweck


Robert and Kathleen Dostal

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Frances Hamermesh

Rita Karmiol

In-Il Koh

Yasuji and Yayoi Matsuoka

James and Bette Ortoleva

Angelina Phillips

Kristin Cahn von Seelen

Richard and Marge Veleta


Annoymous/TisBest Philanthropy

Isabel Clark

John Giaconucci and Kathleen Casey

Alan Levi

Yasuji and Yayoi Matsuoka

Steven Schon

Amy Shumoski