Auditions: DCYO Returning


All current DCYO students are automatically considered a returning member of DCYO for next season. However, Mr. Hauze requires re-auditions to see how much everyone has progressed since last year and to assign parts and seating. Re-auditions are mandatory. Re-auditions will be held on _____ and ______, 2018, at the Presbyterian Proclamation Church in Bryn Mawr.

Please arrive during the assigned time slots listed below, to sign in and warm up. Each student will be heard in order of his or her sign in. Parents should remain in the foyer or lobby area.

In the days following re-auditions, each student will receive an invitation to register for next year’s season, together with a link to next year’s schedule.

We very much look forward to making music together next year!


5:00     Brass

5:30     Winds

6:00     Cellos

6:30     Violas

7:00     Second Violins

7:45     First Violins

8:30     Double Bass

9:00     Percussion

Re-auditions include:

– 1 major scale, up to 3 flats and 3 sharps, as many octaves as possible

– 3-4 minutes of prepared music (movement of a sonata or concerto, or other solo work)


Please contact Lenora Hume at for questions or additional information about DCYO re-auditions.