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Attendance Communications – please include full student name in all emails

Andrew Hauze
Conductor and Music Director of DCYO

Nick Pignataro 
Conductor and Music Director of YMO

Miku Shiota
Conductor and Music Director of YMO

Lauren McKinney
Executive Director

John Tobias
President, DCYO Board of Directors

Charles Zerweck
Vice President, DCYO Board of Directors
Camp Tockwogh Coordinator and DCYO Librarian

Lenora Hume
Auditions Director

Alison Manaker
YMO Personnel Director
Attendance email for  YMO rehearsals
For general information about YMO

Michele de Cruz-Saenz

Julianne Eisele
Treasurer-Billing and Donor Inquiries

Jere Shertzer
Venue Coordinator

Kathryn Mehrtens
Performance Hour and Sectional Coordinator

Henry Pearlberg

DCYO Board of Directors

John Tobias (President)
Mindyjane Berman
Carol Briselli
Ann Byun
Michele S. de Cruz-Saenz
Julianne Eisele
Matt Hamermesh
Robert Hensil
Momoko Kishimoto
Alison Manaker
Kathryn Mehrtens
Anne Peterson
Jere Shertzer
Charles Zerweck

DCYO Advisory Committee

Bonnie Brebach
David Cramer
Elizabeth Crumb
George Crumb
James Freeman
Lenora Hume
David Kim
Lisa Liem
Lorne Munroe
Eugene Narmour
Barbara Ostroff
Reine Patterson
George Slick
Alice Strine
Richard Veleta
Klaus Volpert
Beatrice Wernick
Richard Wernick
Jerome Wigler

DCYO History of Music Directors

1973-1975 – Richard Wernick
1975-1980 – Eugene Narmour
1980-1987 – Rosalind Erwin
1987-2002 – Richard Vanstone
2002-2003 – J. Karla Lemon
2003-2005 – Thomas Hong
2005-2014 – Brad Smith
2014-present – Andrew Hauze


Delaware County Youth Orchestra
P.O. Box 143
Media, PA 19063