Camp Tockwogh

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Each September, the DCYO travels to Camp Tockwogh on the Chesapeake Bay for a mandatory weekend of intense rehearsal time, as well as fun and relaxation. The Camp Tockwogh retreat helps to consolidate the orchestra as a group by bringing together new and returning students.

2019 Camp Tockwogh Weekend

Photo courtesy of John Tobias

2018 Camp Tockwogh Weekend

Photo courtesy of John Tobias

To view pictures of our students enjoying their annual September weekend of rehearsals and recreation at beautiful Camp Tockwogh in Maryland, please click here.

Camp Tockwogh extracted registration page

This link (below) to the Camp Tockwogh registration page has been provided in the event that you have missed the form during the registration process or that you need to resubmit the Camp Tockwogh registration form. If you HAVE NOT filled out the DCYO student registration package yet, please DO NOT fill out this form. You must go through the registration package page with your supplied password if you need to complete your DCYO student registration package in its entirety. This link is for Camp Tockwogh late submissions or resubmissions only.

Once you have filled out this form you will be directed to your payment page. If you have already made your tuition payment during your registration completion please just exit out of the payment page. If you have not made your tuition payment, please do so when you are directed to that option.

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